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Aliens of Extraordinary Ability shows the band's evolution towards a groovebased pocket brass band. We didn't organize the songs by style but kept them all mixed up, a concept that has worked well for us when playing live, whether at French Quarter Fest or at Tipitina's or doing a live radio broadcast. Variety is the spice of live and of a good show!

A Few Words About these Tracks:

'Falu' is a great friend of mine from Senegal. Hanging out with him in Dakar and traveling the country with him has been one of the great joys of my life. 

'A New Day' was inspired by the fierce energy by the Ucranian brass band 'Fanfare Kalashnikov'. 

'Uncle Roger' is dedicated to Roger Lewis of the Dirty Dozen Brass Band and he takes the first solo. To open up for the DDBB at Tips was a real thrill! 

'Turkey on the Westbank' was written in memory of Thanksgiving 2007. 

'In Bloom': Grunge for the whole family! 

From Offbeat Magazine....Click here for full article:

Recorded in October 2015, Live at Vaughan's  sees the current lineup—which features Krusche’s tenor and soprano saxes alongside Dan Oestreicher on baritone sax, Wes Anderson and Jon Ramm-Gramenz on trombone, Steven Glenn on sousaphone and Paul Thibodeaux on drums—full of fire and playfulness.

And they need those ingredients in large doses to pull off shifts from Cuban motifs (“587 Miles”) to Balkan brass jams (“Zivilkonttrolle”) to Nirvana and Prince covers as seamlessly as they do.

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